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Salah Al-Zaiti

Associate Professor
Director of Interprofessional Education
Acute & Tertiary Care


Dr. Al-Zaiti’s program of research focuses on biomedical modeling of physiological signals, with special emphasis on novel electrocardiographic markers of myocardial ischemia. He currently serves as the principal investigator of a federal grant funded through the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (R01 HL 137761). This project aims to develop machine learning-based ECG methods that can detect biomarker evidence of non-ST elevation myocardial necrosis in patients with prehospital chest pain. The findings will provide insights for prompt diagnosis and risk stratification in non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI), one of the longstanding challenges in emergency practice. Dr. Al-Zaiti’s work has received a patent for developing novel ECG markers for NSTEMI detection by US Patenting & Trademark Office. Dr. Al-Zaiti currently leads a core ECG lab that recruited more than 2,000 patients from Pittsburgh EMS system. In addition, since joining University of Pittsburgh in June of 2013, he has served as a key member of scientific investigative teams on nine research projects contributing to the development and implementation of research protocols, processing ECG data streams, and performing longitudinal statistical data analyses. 

Dr. Al-Zaiti’s work has been disseminated widely with nearly 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals and more than 35 presentations in scientific forums at the national and international levels. Dr. Al-Zaiti’s work has been published in top-tier cardiovascular journals, including Journal of American Heart Association, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Journal of Electrocardiology, and Heart & Lung, and his work also was featured in editorials by leading scientists in the field. Dr. Al-Zaiti has been recognized as a developing scientist with a research trajectory of high potentials for strong clinical impact by the American Heart Association (AHA), including the 2014 Martha Hill New Investigator Award and the 2015 Marie Cowan Promising Young Investigator Award. In 2017, he was inducted as a Fellow of the AHA: Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing. 


Currently, Dr. Al-Zaiti is the primary teacher of NUR 0088 (Introduction to Basic Statistics for Evidence Based Practice) and NUR 2078 (Clinical Diagnostics [online]). He also teaches BSN and DNP students in both the clinical and laboratory settings, including NUR 1134 (Transition into Professional Nursing); NUR 1121 (Advanced Clinical Problem Solving); and NUR 2031 (Diagnostic Physical Exam Across the Lifespan). Dr. Al-Zaiti is a frequent guest lecturer at both the School of Nursing (NUR 2004: Pathophysiology) and the School of Engineering (BIOENG 2151: Medical Product Development).


Dr. Al-Zaiti actively is engaged in multiple leadership roles for international and national societies. He currently serves as the Publication Chair at the International Society of Computerized ECG (ISCE), and as an Executive Editor of Journal of Electrocardiology (Official Journal of ISCE). For the AHA, Dr. Al-Zaiti currently serves on two committees (Early Career Council / Research Mentoring Council), and on multiple panels for selecting AHA Award Recipients (e.g.., Kathy Dracup Award, Student Scholarships in Cardiovascular Disease). In addition, he also serves as an abstract reviewer for four scientific meetings (i.e., AHA, CANS, ENRS, and STTI) and a peer reviewer for ten scientific medical journals. Notably, Dr. Al-Zaiti has served as a writer for an editorial column at the American Journal of Critical Care since 2010.