Cameos of Caring® Award Gala

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Cameos of Caring Awards Gala
Saturday, November 9, 2024
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Cameos of Caring Program

The Cameos of Caring® Program & Awards Gala, initially conceived as a tribute to outstanding bedside nurses in acute care hospitals, has evolved into a broader celebration of excellence across the diverse realms of nursing. Extending its reach beyond bedside care, the program now recognizes achievements in areas such as research and education. Launched in 1999, this initiative reflects the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing's dedicated commitment to advancing and championing the nursing profession.

In alignment with this commitment, recipients of the Cameos of Caring® awards distinguish themselves not only as exceptional practitioners but also as influential role models within their specific facilities and the broader nursing community. Their impact transcends the traditional boundaries of bedside nursing, encompassing crucial domains like research, education, and administration.

Additional Award Categories

Acknowledging the contributions of nurses across various levels of practice, the Program underwent expansion to encompass five new award categories:

In 2002, the Cameos of Caring® Advanced Practice Award was introduced to commend nurses engaged in elevated patient care roles, holding a master's degree.

By 2003, a collaboration between the School of Nursing and the Center for Organ Recovery and Education led to the creation of the Cameos of Caring® Donate Life Award. This award recognizes individuals advocating for organ and tissue donation.

In 2006, the Program welcomed area schools of nursing into its fold, introducing the Cameos of Caring® Nurse Educator Award. This addition completes the circle by acknowledging exceptional faculty, emphasizing the crucial role expert nurse educators play in shaping the future of nursing through high-quality instruction.

In 2011, the Cameos of Caring® Case Management Award was incorporated into the Program.

Subsequently, in 2015, the Quality & Safety Award category was introduced, highlighting nurses dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and ensuring quality patient care within their facilities.

The year 2022 witnessed the inclusion of the Lifetime Achievement Award category, aiming to honor nurses for their profound impact on the nursing profession and healthcare arena over the course of their careers. Notably, this award is presented during the recipient's year of retirement.

In 2023, the Research & Scholarship Award category was added to the Program, acknowledging individuals who have made a significant impact on nursing science.

Awardee Selection Process

The selection process for Cameos of Caring® award recipients is individually carried out by each facility, underscoring the personalized nature of this recognition. This approach underscores the unique and outstanding contributions of nurses across various capacities, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to patient care and overall excellence in the multifaceted field of nursing.