How to Apply to the Nursing Honors Program

When and how to apply for the Nursing Honors Program – Curriculum option?

Prospective students may apply to Nursing Honors curriculum option through the regular University of Pittsburgh application process. If you choose to apply, you will be asked to answer one additional essay question during the application process.

The application cycle for students interested in the curriculum option usually opens in January. It is recommended for students to apply to the Honors curriculum option no later than the end of their sophomore year to ensure they have ample time to complete the program requirements.

When and how to apply for the Nursing Honors Program – Thesis option?

For those interested in the Honors thesis option, there is no specific deadline to apply. As soon as a student identifies a mentor and they mutually agree on a thesis idea, the student can apply to University Honors College by completing the admission application found here.

Students should email completed BSN-H applications to the Director of the Nursing Honors Program, Theresa Koleck, PhD,, who will forward to University Honors College.

Applications are reviewed on rolling basis and students and their mentors are notified of admission status within 2 weeks or so. Most students interested in this option apply in their sophomore or junior year to allow ample time for completing and defending their thesis.