In Their Own Words

We asked URMP participants who graduated in 2015 about their experiences with the program:

Biggest Benefit

“I believe the biggest benefit of becoming a part of this program was the exposure to what research is like in the nursing world. Prior to this program, I never would’ve had the opportunity to experience such a worthwhile journey that has brought me to where I am today. This university is extremely involved in research and it was incredible to have first-hand experience about every detail of the process.”

Jenna Zaldonis, BSN '15

“I was able to observe the entire research process…when I began working with my mentor, she was writing grants to secure funding: now, we are in the final steps of data collection and compilation.”

Alexandra Hudson, BSN '15

Would You Recommend URMP to Other Students?

“Yes, I would so that they could have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a specialty beyond what is learned in lecture or in clinical. It is also a way to build independence and create scholarly work.  It is incredible that we are all able to participate in this opportunity at such a young age.”

Alexandra Hudson, BSN ‘15

"Yes, I certainly would…This program opened my eyes to a different side of nursing I never knew existed! Additionally, this program resulted in closer relationships with multiple faculty members where I was able to feel comfortable asking questions and working side-by-side with such intelligent faculty.  This program gave me the confidence to explore other avenues in nursing as well as to maintain strong, professional relationships with many of the faculty with whom I worked."

Jenna Zaldonis, BSN ’15