Genomics of Patient Outcomes HUB

Genomic approaches, previously utilized primarily to investigate susceptibility to a disorder, are now being utilized to increase our understanding of variability in patient outcomes. Nurses are on the forefront of optimizing patient outcomes and bringing genomics and other omic approaches (including transcriptomics, proteomics, and epigenomics) to assist research on patient outcomes is a timely endeavor. The School of Nursing at Pitt is provides an ideal environment for this HUB as it features active genomics laboratories in-house, directed by its own research faculty with formal training in the field of genomics.

The goal of this HUB is to enhance interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research that uses genomics and other state-of-the-science omics approaches to advance the science of patient outcomes. Patient outcomes is broadly defined to include symptom experiences, functional status, adverse events, recovery trajectory, response to intervention, and psychological distress. The HUB will build upon the strong research and training relationships already in place among Pitt Nursing, the other Schools of the Health Sciences at Pitt, the Clinical & Translational Science Institute, and other Centers to support genomic research.

For more information about this research HUB, please contact:

Yvette Conley
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship
Health Promotion & Development
Phone: 412-383-7641