Two Paths to Nursing Honors Program

Currently, we have two levels of engagement through which students can earn the BSN-H degree. You can either complete an enriched Honors Curriculum option, or you can complete an Honors Thesis option (see chart below). The curriculum option is designed for students interested in translating existing evidence into practice to drive change at the bedside. The thesis option is designed for students interested in scientific discoveries and in generating new knowledge to address unmet clinical needs at the bedside.

Each option requires a separate application to Pitt's David C. Frederick Honors College. The curriculum option is mapped across the 4-year BSN curriculum and requires students to apply while in their freshman year or early sophomore year. The thesis option is self-paced and, thus, students can still apply as late as their end of junior year. You can start in one option and switch to the other, but this will require a new application to the Frederick Honors College.

Nursing honors program options two path chart