External Transfer Applicants

This information is for undergraduate students transferring from a college or university other than the University of Pittsburgh. The curriculum for the undergraduate program in the School of Nursing leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree and eligibility to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) for professional licensure as a registered nurse. The full-time curriculum includes 124-126 credits. It will usually take 8 additional terms to complete the nursing program, unless placement to the sophomore year is granted (see below).

Students may begin to fulfill liberal arts and elective requirements while enrolled in a college or university other than the University of Pittsburgh. Liberal Arts Requirements: Anthropology/ Culture, Art/ Music/ Creative Expression/ Literature, English Composition, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Statistics.


Applications for transfer consideration are accepted for admission in Fall and Spring Terms. Applications will be reviewed and decisions made based on the student’s college and high school performance and consideration of the number of seats available in the class. The evaluation will consider grade trends, cumulative GPA, number of credits completed, level of challenge of curriculum, transferability of credits and coursework relevant to the major. 

Competitive applicants will have::

  • Completion of 24 college-level credits (should include science courses with B or higher grade)
  • 3.5 minimum cumulative GPA
  • Minimum SAT score of 1280 or minimum ACT composite score of 27  


  • Applications are evaluated by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA
  • OAFA online application
  • OAFA will notify applicant of its admission decision via the U.S. Postal Service 
  • Spring Term Admission to Freshman Class
    • Deadline: November 1            
      Fall Term grades must be evaluated for final determination
  • Fall Term Admission to Freshman Class*
    • Deadline: April 1
      Spring Term grades must be evaluated for final determination
      * After admission to freshman class, eligibility for placement in sophomore class will  be determined by review of academic records and availability of sophomore class seats

Sophomore Placement

Admission to the School of Nursing for all transfer students is to the freshman class. However, a limited number of seats are available at the sophomore level. Admission decisions for these seats are made separately, after admission to freshman class. 

Students interested in sophomore placement must have completed the following courses:

Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lecture/ Lab 3 cr./ 1 cr.
Anatomy & Physiology 2 Lecture/ Lab 3 cr./ 1 cr
Chem. Principles for Health Professions 4 cr.
Microbiology Lecture/ Lab 3 cr./ 1 cr
PSY 0010  Intro to Psychology 3 cr.
STAT 0200; 0800; 1000; 1100 Intro to Basic Statistics 3-4 cr.

A list of acceptable equivalent courses offered by local or regional institutions

Transfer Credit

The following criteria govern the transfer of advanced credits:

  • After submission of the online application, official transcripts (from all universities or colleges attended), must be submitted to
         University of Pittsburgh Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
         4227 Fifth Avenue, Alumni Hall
         Pittsburgh, PA 15260-6601
  • Liberal arts courses: (C or higher grade required)
  • Science courses: (B or higher grade required) completed within past 8 years (unless extenuating circumstances)
  • When requested, course descriptions or syllabi must be submitted to determine equivalency to University of Pittsburgh courses.
  • Credit transferred for a course may be no greater than the credit given by University of Pittsburgh  

Additional Information

University of Pittsburgh Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
4227 Fifth Avenue, Alumni Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260-6601
412-624-PITT (7488)

Recruitment Coordinator, School of Nursing (412-624-4587) or 1-888-747-0794