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Celebrating Student Research

The Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (URMP), led by Julius Kitutu, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni Relations, provides traditional BSN students the opportunity to work with faculty and doctoral students mentors in varieties of research projects and scholarships. Students have the chance to work with the assigned mentor either throughout the four-year program or for the time that the mentor remains in the school. Students have benefitted from this mentor-mentee relationship, and the majority of them end up developing their own interests and ideas for research. In addition, students in the program are encouraged and supported financially to attend local, national and international conferences, if they are the first authors of the presentation. We are proud to support these students in their academic and research pursuits.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no opportunity to participate in spring term conferences. About 30 students were set to participate in the National Council for Undergraduate Research conference in April 2020, which was cancelled. We asked the students to record their presentations.

We invite you to watch their presentations.

Rachel Bergeron: "Income and Education are Associated with Aspects of Self-Advocacy Behaviors and Needs in Women with Late Stage Cancers"


Mandy Cooper: "Medication Changes During Pregnancy"


Kaitlyn Eastburn: The Association Between Patient-Reported Swallowing Dysfunction and Psychological Distress in Head & Neck Cancer Survivors


Isabella Goldberg: "Predictors of Healthcare Utilization in Caregivers of Persons with a Primary Malignant Brain Tumor"


Chloe Minahan: "Observations by Registered Nurses and Nurse Midwives of Infection Control Programs in 13 Hospitals in Cambodia"


Katherine O'Meara: "The Clinical Significance of Elevated NT-pro-B-type Peptide on Children with Creatine Transporter Deficiency "


John Michael Purdon: "An Integrated Review of Behavior Change Techniques in mHealth Technology-enhanced Physical Activity Interventions Among Breast and Gynecological Cancer Survivors"