Office of Community Partnerships

The mission of the Office of Community Partnerships (OCP) is to increase the School of Nursing’s contribution to our community by forging strong partnerships to meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable and underserved members of our community.

We collaborate with University and community partners to create innovative models of clinical care, service learning and community-based research to identify and address high priority healthcare needs in our community.

Building this culture of service and community partnership enriches our students' academic experience and prepares them to be creative, empathetic, and transformative healthcare leaders. OCP creates innovative models of community partnerships that:

  1. Increase collaboration with our partners to identify and meet the health care needs of community members based on principles of respect, social justice,  and the fundamental right of all individuals to receive high quality health care;
  2. Develop community clinical experiences that promote students' empathy and ability to meet the unique health care needs of vulnerable/underserved community members;
  3. Provide infrastructure, guidance and support to faculty teaching service learning courses;
  4. Identify high priority health concerns in the community and develop resources to promote community-based research to address those needs.