Maternal/Perinatal and Reproductive Health Research Hub

The Maternal/Perinatal and Reproductive Health Research Hub aims to increase the pace and impact of research in maternal, perinatal, and reproductive health science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. Major activities of the Hub include building research collaborations, recruitment and retention of talented faculty and students from diverse backgrounds, supporting the development of Hub members’ research projects, and improving access to research resources. The Hub holds collaborative meetings and works in progress sessions, hosts a speaker series, funds pilot research, and supports grant development, research awards applications, and dissemination efforts (e.g., writing for publication).

Current focal areas of the Hub (“Research Cores”) include

  1. Community and Global Maternal Health;
  2. Clinical Partnerships in Perinatal and Reproductive Health; and
  3. Biologic and Molecular Origins of Maternal Health.

We invite faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and others with an interest in women’s health, perinatal health, or reproductive health research to join us!

For more information about this research Hub, please contact:

Jill Demirci
Assistant Professor and Hub Director
Department of Health Promotion & Development
Phone: 412-648-9236 Email: