Active Grants

Institutional Research Training Grants

Pitt Nursing is known for its many and diverse research programs, supported by grants from very prestigious funding agencies and organizations.

Technology: Research in Chronic and Critical Illness (T32 NR008857)

Training Grant Goals and Objectives. The overarching goal of this training program remains to provide rigorous research training and interdisciplinary culturalization to build the nursing science aimed at promoting health, managing illness, reducing disability, and enhancing quality of life through the aid of technology. Learn More.

Targeted Research and Academic Training Program for Nurses in Genomics (T32NR009759)

The goal of this National Institute of Nursing Research funded training program is to prepare pre-doctoral and post-doctoral nurse scientists at the beginning stages of their careers to develop their research trajectories related to the application and evaluation of genomics in preventing and improving patient outcomes. Learn More.

Active Grants

Funding Agency Principal Investigator Grant Title Federal Grant Type
NIH / NIA Alexander, Sheila Epigenetic Changes and Delirium After Intensive Care Unit Admission R21
NHLBI Al-Zaiti, Salah Electrocardiographic Detection of Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Events for Accelerated Classification of Chest Pain Encounters (ECG-SMART 2) R01
NIH/NINR Al-Zaiti, Salah Predicting Patient Instability Noninvasively for Nursing Care-Two (PPINNC-3) R01
NIH / NINR Belcher, Sarah Understanding Oral Anticancer Medication Adherence Among Patients with Multiple Myeloma K23
NIH/NCI Bender, Catherine Influence of Exercise on Neurocognitive Function in Breast Cancer R01
Pitt/SOM Bender, Catherine P01 Pilot Program R01
Magee/Hillman Bender, Catherine (w/ Conley, Y. and Rosenzweig, M.) Financial distress, symptoms/side effects and adherence to combination CDK4/6 inhibitor + endocrine therapy in women with breast cancer  
NIH Bender, Catherine (w/ Conley, Y.) Epigenomics of Neurocognitive Function in Breast Cancer R01
Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Bowser, Amy Development of Competency-based Performance Rubrics Assessing Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Clinical Judgment in High-Fidelity Simulation  
NIH Baxter, Betty Preconception and prenatal stress effects on cardiovascular disease risk in black women R01
Pitt Momentum Seed Fund Baxter, Betty A Pilot Exploring Self-Advocacy as a Health Inequity Factor in Maternal Mortality/Morbidity in Pregnant Black Women  
NIH/NHLBI Burke, Lora Post Partum Weight Retention and Cardiometabolic Disparities: The Effects of Contextual, Psychosocial, and Behavioral Factors R01
NIH/NHLBI Burke, Lora Promoting Lifestyle Change via Tailored mHealth to Improve Health R01
NIH / NIDDK Burke, Lora A Human-Mimetic AI System for Automatic, Passive, and Objective Dietary Assessment R01
CMRF Cai, Yurun Quantifying Multiscale Dynamics of Accelerometer-Derived Physical Activity in Relation to Risk of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia  
NIH/NINR Conley, Yvette Targeted Research and Academic Training of Nurses in Genomics T32
NIH/NINR Conley, Yvette (co-PI:Bender,C.) Epigenomics of Neurocognitive Function in Breast Cancer R01
NIH/NINR Crago, Beth Sex Steroids and IGF1 in the CNS Following aSAH and Their Relationship to Patient Outcomes R01
NIH/NINR Dabbs, Annette Devito Technology: Research in Chronic and Critical Illness T32
NIH/NINR Dabbs, Annette Devito Lung Transplant Go (LTGO): Improving Self-Management of Exercise After Lung Transplantation R01
NIH /NICHD Demirci, Jill Effect of Antenatal Milk Expression on Breastfeeding Outcomes Among Overweight and Obese Women R01
Alex and Rita Hillman Fnd Dierkes, Andrew Precision Matching of Nurses with Vulnerable Populations in Low-Resource Settings for Optimal Outcomes  
NIH Donovan, Heidi A Mobile Sensing System to Monitor Symptom During Chemotherapy R37 (MERIT)
Clovis Oncology Donovan, Heidi Family Caregiver Resource Development  
Hillman Family Fnd Donovan, Heidi The State of Aging, Disability and Family Caregiving in Allegheny County  
NIH/NICHD Founds, Sandra Relating Pregnancy Phenotype with Chromosome Copy Number in Placentation Cells from the Endocervix R21
NSF Gallagher, John Automated Debriefing in Simulation-based Training of Paramedics: Comparing Self-guided to Agent Facilitated Debriefing  
HRSA Kameg, Brayden Enhancing Nursing Students Ability to Address Underserved Populations Through Interprofessional, Public Health Simulation U4
NIH / NHLBI Kariuki, Jacob Efficacy of a Novel Web-based Physical Activity Intervention Designed to Promote Adherence to Physical Activity Guidelines in Adults with Obesity R56
NIH /NINR Koleck, Theresa Advancing Chronic Condition Symptom Cluster Science Through Use of Electronic Health Records and Data Science Techniques R00
NIH /  LM  Lee, Young Ji Development and Implementation of a Health e-Librarian with Personalized Recommender (HELPeR) R01
NSF Li, Dan New Machine Learning Framework to Conduct Anesthesia Risk Stratification and Decision Support for Precision Health NSF 18-541
NIH/NIA Lingler, Jennifer Recruitment Innovations to Enhance Diversity in AD Research R01
NIH/NIA Lingler, Jennifer The Impact of Post Acute Care Payment Changes on Access and Outcomes R01
Adira Foundation Lingler, Jennifer Narrative as a Tool to Enhance Diversity in Research on Late Life Neurodegenerative Disorders  
NIH/NIA Lingler, Jennifer ADRC REC P30
NIH/NHLBI Luyster, Faith Improving Asthma Control Using Internet-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia R01
Breathe Pennsylvania Morris, Jonna Facilitators and Barriers to Positive Airway Pressure Treatment Adherence in Women With Obstructive Sleep Apnea  
HRSA Niemczyk, Nancy Group-based trajectory analysis of the first stage of labor R40
NIH Nilsen, Marci Sympathetic Modulation of Head and Neck Cancer Pain R01
HRSA O'Donnell, John Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships  
NIH / NIA Ren, Dianxu Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Risk of Dementia R03
NIH/NCI Rosenzweig, Margaret Advanced Practice Provider Oncology Web Educational Resources (AP POWER) R25
NIH/NIMHD Rosenzweig, Margaret The Symptom Experience, Management, and Outcomes According to Race and Social Determinants of Health (SEMOARS) During Breast Cancer Chemotherapy R01
NIH Seaman, Jennifer Randomized Trial of Specialty Palliative Care Integrated with Critical Care (PROPAC)  
NIH Seaman, Jennifer Randomized Trial of Scalable, Interactive Tools to Support Surrogate Decision Makers of Elderly Critically Ill Patients  
NIH Seaman, Jennifer The Maximizing Extubation Outcomes through Educational and organizational research trial (METEOR) U01
McElhattan Fnd Seamann, Jennifer and Nilsein, Marci Equipping Frontline Providers to Deliver High-Quality End-of-Life Care: Interprofessional Certificate and Continuing Education Program for End-of-Life Care and Communication.  
Jewish Healthcare Foundation Schlenk, Elizabeth Teaching Nursing Home Collaborative  
NIH /NCI Thomas, Teresa Efficacy of a Self-Advocacy Serious Game Intervention for Women With Advanced Cancer R37 (MERIT)
Oncology Nursing Foundation Wesmiller, Susan Symptoms Experienced by Women One-Year Following Surgery for Breast Cancer: A Multi-omics Approach to the Development of Individual Biosignatures  
NIH / NIMH Zelazny, Jamie The Role of Sleep Health in Proximal Suicide Risk Among Ultra-High Risk Adolescents R01
NIH / NIMH Zelazny, Jamie Social Media as a Predictor of Proximal Risk in Youth Suicide Attempt Study R21
NIH/ NIGMS Zhang, Fei Synthesizing Intraoperative Multivariate Time Series with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks K08