Nursing Organizations

Chi Eta Phi, Kappa Beta Chapter

This professional nursing organization is for all undergraduate nursing students. The Kappa Beta chapter at the University of Pittsburgh was established on January 28, 1984, to develop a cadre of nursing leaders, encourage continuing education, promote recruitment for nursing and the health professions, as well as cultivate relationships among members and other professional groups.

Chi Eta Phi stands for character, education, and friendship. This sorority functions to develop these qualities in each of its members. Chi Eta Phi offers scholarships for continuing education and is actively involved in providing services to the community. For more information about Chi Eta Phi, please email the group.

Chi Eta Phi Officers – 2022-2023

President: Abigail Wilson
Vice-President:   Ellen Schlosser
Secretary:    Leah Marks
Treasurer: Jonathan Garcia
Membership Chair:     Jacqueline Schultz
Sponsor:    Yvette Parks
Faculty Adviser:  Betty Braxter

Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Chapter

There is a local chapter, Eta Chapter, affiliated with the School of Nursing. In fact, Eta Chapter was the sixth chapter formed, with a long and illustrious history of leadership development. Four Presidents of the International Society have been members of Eta Chapter, an accomplishment no other chapter can claim.

To become a member of Sigma Theta Tau is an honor. Membership applications are available in the Student Affairs & Alumni Relations Office in mid-November, and need to be returned completed by mid-January. A membership committee reviews each application, and students are invited to become members if they have demonstrated sufficient academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to advancing the profession of nursing.

Eligible students include: Juniors and Seniors in the Baccalaureate curriculum, RN Options students who have completed at least 12 credits at Pitt in the School of Nursing, and graduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. Information is available in the Student Affairs & Alumni Relations Office, or by reviewing the Honor Society's website.

Nursing Student Organization (NSA)

NSA is a recognized and certified student organization within the University of Pittsburgh responsible for the function of representing nursing students within the University and the community. On the other hand, as a professional organization, NSA is able to inform nursing students of current issues affecting the profession.

Men In Nursing Club (MINC)

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing Men in Nursing Club (MINC) is committed to providing a supportive community for male nursing students and professionals to connect, share experiences, and offer mentorship to one another. We engage in advocacy efforts to promote the importance of men in nursing to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Pittsburgh, and around the country.

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MINC Officers 2022-2023

Name E-Mail Position
Thomas Kelly    President
Ethan Little     Vice-President
Alexander Kao  Secretary
Dakota Mayfield  Treasurer
Marc Gadaleta Social Chair
Connor Gan 2024 BSN Representative
Eliezer Lowenstein 2025 BSN Representative
Ryan DiLello 2026 BSN Representative
Connor Yates Graduate Student Representative
Adrian Bermudez, RN. Student Mentor
Julius Kitutu, PhD  Faculty Advisor


Black Student Nurses Association

BSNA is an organization focused on empowering, encouraging, and supporting Black nursing students at the University by connecting them to resources to meet their academic and emotional needs. These resources include, but are not limited to, mentorship and membership in both Pittsburgh Black Nurses in Action and the National Black Nurse Association. We welcome all and encourage our students to join us in participating in outreach, educational advancement, and outside the classroom learning opportunities.

BSNA Officers 2022-2023

Name Position Year Email
Sabella Prime President Senior
Marlorie Pierre Vice President Senior
Azariah Torain Activities Chair Junior
Ohemaa Boateng Community Outreach Chair Sophomore
Reagan Faizon Social Media Chair Sophomore

Graduate Nursing Student Organization (GNSO)

All graduate students in nursing are members of the GNSO. The purposes of GNSO are to: develop and encourage a spirit of unity, cooperation, and democratic self-government among graduate students of the School of Nursing; coordinate activities between graduate students and the faculty of the School of Nursing; and provide a channel of communication and representation between students and the faculty of the School of Nursing.

GNSO officers are elected annually in the fall term. Each graduate program can elect a program representative to the GNSO Council, to share information and concerns from the program, and to take back to the program information learned at GNSO meetings. GNSO members are available to mentor new students. GNSO also contributes money to host recognition events for each year's graduates.

A representative from GNSO attends the University-wide Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) meetings to help nursing students obtain resources available at the university level.

GNSO 2022/23 Officers

Class Liaisons-
      Diana Zhou (  
      Sarah Walker (
      Abbey Ott (      


See GNSO Bylaws