Nursing Education Research and Scholarship HUB

The field of nursing education is rapidly evolving. The nursing field is facing a local, regional, and national shortage of nurses, which, in turn, means fewer nursing faculty. Patient care is more complex, with people living longer with multiple chronic diseases and an emphasis on reducing health disparities. Nursing education is moving toward competency-based education emphasizing clinical judgment processes, interprofessional collaboration, and care for patients from medically underserved areas or populations.

With improved technologies, simulation education is shown to enhance students learning. With changes in teaching, research is needed to ensure that innovations support the teaching and learning of nursing competencies. The Nursing Education Research and Scholarship HUB bridges the gaps among the expectation of faculty scholarship, training in the scholarship of teaching and learning in nursing, and the need for increased robustness of nursing education research. Faculty collaborate to develop research questions focused on problems of practice in day-to-day teaching in several core areas.

  • Develop rigorous research in areas of clinical judgment, simulation, and a faculty-selected topic,
  • Advance nurse educators’ practice of teaching and student learning nationally and internationally,
  • Promote equitable teaching and learning practices to support all nursing students’ learning.
  • Support students (our future Nursing Faculty) to develop a scholarship focus.

Core faculty are involved in research and scholarship projects supporting the initiative to increase simulation and clinical judgment. If you are interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning in nursing, please join us.

For more information about this research HUB, please contact:

Amy S. Bowser, PhD, MEd
Assistant Dean for Data Analytics & Evaluation
Assistant Professor
Health and Community Systems
Phone: 412-624-4079

Annual Award and Grant Opportunities:

The Nursing Education Research and Scholarship HUB offers one grant opportunity each year.

Grant Name Focus Financial Award Calls for proposals Award period
The Eleanor Jane Knox Educator Award For Undergraduate Clinical Nursing Education Research $4000

Spring, (January- March)

1 year beginning in the summer

Nursing Education Research and Scholarship HUB Resources

Helpful Links in Developing Research Projects:

Research vs. QI

Information to make sure your project is research and not QI.

Get started and ask a research question

Thoughts to transform your questions about teaching can become research questions.

Find a journal

Browse journals to see what is currently being published and where you can publish your research.

Complete an IRB

Step-by-step process to do an exempt IRB at the University of Pittsburgh.

Write a literature review

Begin crafting a review of literature that addresses your interests and current publishing topics.

Apply an educational theory

Ground your research in an educational theory or model.

Select an educational research design

Match your research question / aim to the correct design allowing you to collect and analyze data that answers the question.

Use statistical resources

Ask for a consultation and view resources to understand the statistical analysis required for your question and research design.