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Office of the Dean


Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, PhD, RN, FAAN

Dean and Distinguished Service Professor of Nursing

Elizabeth A. Schlenk, PhD, RN, CNL, FAAN

Associate Dean for Graduate Clinical Education and Associate Professor | 412-624-4103
Oversees the MSN and DNP degree programs, accreditation, evaluation, and faculty practice. 

Betty Braxter, PhD, CNM

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education | 412-624-7188
Oversees the baccalaureate programs, accreditation, evaluation, and Nursing Honors program.

Julius Kitutu, PhD, MSc, MEd

Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Alumni Relations and Associate Professor
Chief  Diversity Officer | 412-624-2408
Provides academic and non-academic support services for students, including recruitment, admissions, graduation, placement processes and administering of scholarships.  Implements School of Nursing goals related to Public Relations, Marketing, Website and Special Events.

Cynthia Allshouse, MBA, CPA

Assistant Dean for Administration | 412-624-6905
Manages key administrative functions of the School, including financial and grants administration, space management, personnel management and administrative support.

Shawna Clites, BS

Administrative Assistant | 412-624-5731
Serves as administrative assistant to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. Staff support for BSN Council and Evaluation Steering Committee.

Nancy Cottom, MA

Grants Analyst| 412-624-3898
Assigned to HCS, has accounting responsibility for all pre and post award sponsored research projects, including individual fellowship grants (F series) for students whose mentor is assigned to HCS.  Also provides grants management to all training grants (T series) for the School.

Stephanine Duplaga, BA

Executive Assistant to Dean Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob | 412-624-7838
Serves as Executive Assistant to the Dean, Office Manager, and administrator of the Dean's calendar, NIH funded research, and budgets. Handles faculty reviews, Board of Visitors, and new faculty orientation. Support staff for Dean’s Council, Total Faculty, and ARPT.

Debra Evansky, BA

Grants Manager | 412-624-839
Develops, directs and supervises the Grants Administration function within the school. Accounting responsibility for research-related scholarships and endowments. Serves as the primary liaison with the Office of Sponsored Programs. Interim pre and post award grants administration for HPD and DNA, and pre-award for ATC. 

Janine Gould, BS, CRA

Grants Analyst | 412-648-8511
Assigned to ATC, has accounting responsibility for all post award sponsored research projects, including individual fellowship grants (F series) for students whose mentor is assigned to ATC.  Coordinates SPAR and effort certification process for the School. 

James A. Miller, BA

Personnel Manager | 412-624-3866
Coordinates HR functions and services for staff personnel and appointments of faculty, post docs, students and adjunct/secondary faculty.  Assists supervisors and administrators with employee actions. Oversees personnel data, analysis and reports.

Lucinda Morgan, MEd

Director for International Affairs | 412-624-7868
Collaborates in the (1) planning, development, execution, and evaluation of international programs and (2) arrangement of curricula and formation of policies/procedures for international students, visiting scholars, and partnerships. Liaison for global activities and initiatives.

Sonia Schmeltzer

Administrative Assistant | 412-624-6616
Serves as administrative assistant to the Associate Dean for Graduate Clinical Education. Staff support for MSN Program Director, MSN Council, and Academic Integrity

Greg Scott, BS 

Financial Coordinator | 412-383-8841
Accounting responsibility for payroll expenses/registers, Dean’s RDF, restricted (non-scholarship), and capital accounts; oversight of Dean’s office operating expenses.  

Karen Sellitto

Laboratory Support | 412-624-9016
Supports the skills and simulation laboratories, including setting-up, scheduling, operating equipment, interacting with WISER staff, ordering/maintaining inventory and reconciling the budget.

Mohammed Abdel Fattah, MBA

Associate Budget Director | 412-383-9585
Prepares the annual operating budget, monitors spending, evaluates fiscal operations and oversees payroll. Serves as administrative supervisor for financial grant activities.

Nancy Hengstenberg, AS

Building Operations Manager | 412-624-9579
Serves as building manager for the Victoria Building, including all aspects of the building operations as they affect the residents. Coordinates building construction and space management.