Healthcare Provider Training on LGBTQIA+ Health

Healthcare Provider Training on LGBTQIA+ Health: An Introductory Module on Best Practices provides a brief introduction about best practices in LGBTQIA+ health that speaks to the specific needs of this population to increase knowledge, promote positive attitudes and improve clinical preparedness of professional nurses


Betty Braxter, PhD, CNM
Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Brenda Cassidy, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC
Associate Professor

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recall gender diversity definitions
  • Relate health disparities associated with LGBTQIA+ communities
  • Examine social determinants of health and the relationship to LGBTQIA+ status
  • Identify how discrimination and stigma associated with LGBTQIA+ impacts disclosure
  • Begin to create an inclusive environment and utilize respectful communication in your professional practice

Contact Hours:  1

Costs:  $25

Funding for this project was from The University Center for the Scholarship in Teaching and Learning in Nursing 

Review Date:  December 16, 2023

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