Graduate Nursing Students Organization (GNSO)

GNSO officers are elected annually in the fall term. Each graduate program can elect a program representative to the GNSO Council, to share information and concerns from the program, and to take back to the program information learned at GNSO meetings. GNSO members are available to mentor new students. GNSO also contributes money to host recognition events for each year's graduates.

A representative from GNSO attends the University-wide Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) meetings to help nursing students obtain resources available at the university level.

GNSO 2024 Officers

Position Name Email
President Jasmine Lord
Vice-President Jessica Guan
Business Manager
Courtney Knotts
Yuchen Zhang
Secretary Subbashini Neelam Satish 
Faculty Advisor Dr. Julius Kitutu

Class Liaisons

SRNA Liaison Andrew Gartee 
NP Liaison Hollis Laird
PhD Liaison Alice Cline


See GNSO Bylaws