Detailed BSN to PhD Curriculum

BSN to PhD Track

The BSN to PhD Track consists of a minimum of 72 credits (effective Fall 2017):

  • 22 cr. from the Research Core
  • 9 cr. from the Statistics Core
  • 41 cr. for Personalized Scientific Inquiry (PSI) courses (PSI consists of 12 cr. Dissertation, 6 cr. Apprenticeship Practicum, and 23 cr. additional PSI credits)

       A. Knowledge Development (KD)
           KD Core 1—NUR 3285 Philosophical Underpinnings of Nursing Research
           (3 cr.)
           KD Core 2—NUR 3286 Theoretical Foundations for Research (3 cr.)
       B. Methods and Analysis
           MA Core 3—NUR 3287 Research Design and Methods (3 cr.)
           MA Core 4 –NUR 3288 Research Measurement (2 cr.)
           MA Core 5—NUR 3289 Intervention Development (2 cr.)
           MA Core 6—NUR 3290 Advanced Quantitative Analytic Methods Seminar
           (3 cr.)
       C. Professional Development (PD)
           PD Core 7 – NUR 3291 Responsibilities and Activities of Scientists I (2 cr.)
           PD Core 8—NUR 3292 Responsibilities and Activities of Scientists II (2 cr.)
           PD Core 9—NUR 3293 Art and Science of Teaching and Learning (2 cr.)

        NUR 2112/3112 Applied Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistics for the Health Sciences I (3 cr.)
        NUR 2113/3113 Applied Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistics for the Health Sciences 2 (3 cr.)
        NUR 2114/3114 Applied Regression for Health Science Research (3 cr.)           

        A. PHD DISSERTATION: NUR 3010 Dissertation (12 cr. required minimum)
        B. APPRENTICESHIP PRACTICUM: NUR 3071 (6 cr. required minimum)
        C. Additional Personalized Scientific Inquiry Courses
          (23 cr. required minimum; may take more)
        Students are required to take:
            C1. Intensive Methods course(s) (4 cr. minimum)
            C2. Intensive Professional Development course (2 cr. minimum)
            C3. Advanced Statistics course(s) (2 cr. minimum)
            C4. Content Expertise courses (8 cr. minimum) from:
                 C.4.A. State of the Science: Research course(s)
                 C.4.B. State of the Science: Applied Clinical course(s)
        C5. Additional Personalized Scientific Courses (7 cr. additional). These courses can be from any of III.C.1 thru C4 categories,   or otherwise helpful to the focal research area.

A view of the per-term chronologic sequence of courses for the BSN to PhD program, as well as the timeline for the mentored research experiences (the Apprenticeship Practicum and the Dissertation Project) and Milestones can be viewed in this attachment.

* For current students enrolled prior to Fall 2017 see this curriculum