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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the School of Nursing

A Message from Dean Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing values the enrichment and thrives on the vibrance that diversity brings to our school. Understanding that inclusion is a constant work in progress, we join our broader campus community in commitment to the maintenance of an environment that honors all members of our broadly diverse body of students, faculty, and staff.  In building and maintaining our community, we know that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole and all are welcome here.

There are long-standing disparities in access to equitable and inclusive opportunities and health care among members of underrepresented and marginalized populations in our country. As nurses are lifelong learners, we listen to the needs of our internal and external communities, committed to acquiring the knowledge and skill which enables us to offer equitable nursing care to all persons in our realm of responsibility and beyond, and to be a voice of advocacy in support of accessible, quality of care for all.  

A Message from Julius Kitutu, Chief Diversity Officer, and associate dean, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations

As chief diversity officer (CDO) for the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, I see it as my true responsibility to ensure that the School of Nursing is a place where together we foster the art of an inclusive community. In this role, l participate in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and the school search committee, where we strive to lead the school toward becoming a more welcoming and inclusive community for individuals of all backgrounds. There is power in embracing differences. This work starts with us, and we will all work together to create a Pitt Nursing community that truly serves and represents our community of interest, the patients and students we work with, teach, and reach.

The school embraces diversity, where I believe everyone plays a pivotal role of creating space of sharing, uplifting/encouraging, supporting, mentoring and learning as we build a team that works together. Thus, both the experiences and thoughts of everyone are protected and welcomed throughout the school. The traits of diversity, equity and inclusion of every individual are to be appreciated and valued. As the CDO, I have the duty to work closely with the University’s office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (, and that of the office of Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Health Sciences ( to move the diversity mission and vision of the school as well as that of the university.

Committee Members

The mission statement of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee at the School of Nursing is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion among faculty, staff and students through collaboration with the school’s administration, the Health Sciences Diversity Equity and Inclusion Office and the University Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.  The Committee commits to addressing health inequities in diverse populations by providing information about resources, initiatives and educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff that support development of cultural humility and cultural sensitivity in nursing practice. The chairs of the committee are Brenda Cassidy and Jacob Kariuki.

Cultural Humility

Cultural humility requires respect, empathy, and critical self-reflection both within oneself and when interacting with others. Nurses in particular must be able to be aware of their limited ability to understand the patient's worldview and culture.

Improving Cultural Sensitivity

We all have work that can be done to improve our cultural sensitivity and awareness of other cultures and experiences. These resources provide specific information for faculty, staff and students.

Addressing Health Inequities: Social Justice

These resources will help you learn more about health inequities in marginalized communities, and what research is being done to combat this issue.

Educational Opportunities

The University of Pittsburgh Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers a packed schedule of events throughout the year. More information is available at