UPMC Clinical Modules

Students are required to complete UPMC Modules each fall. If you work at UPMC, it is recommended that you complete the modules after September 1 so that the modules will count for Pitt and UPMC. For all students, the modules must be completed, checked by and instructor and uploaded to Project Concert by September 6, 2023. You will not be permitted to attend clinical if the modules and not completed and uploaded to Project Concert. Each module must be done each fall semester regardless of when the previous year modules were completed. Please follow the instructions below:

  • You will not be able to print out a certificate. You should print the screen that displays your passing score and the name of the module
  • Print out each certificate to keep for your records and to show to your clinical instructor each semester.
  • You will be asked to bring the proof of completion for each module to show your clinical instructor.
  • The instructors will check that all of the modules have been completed and give you one form that says they were done.
  • You must then upload that form to Project Concert along with the certificate for the Pitt blood borne pathogen module
  • Print out each certificate to keep for your records. (Keep the certificates in a safe place as you will need to produce them each semester)
  • If you are unable to print a proof of completion, you must contact the UPMC help desk at 412-647-HELP

Click on the links below to begin the modules.

UPMC Comps 2023

Students and faculty are required to complete clinical mandatory courses in addition to the below courses:

Strengthen Your De-Escalation Skills
This de-escalation education is recommended, but not required.

Part One for All Staff:

Part Two for Clinical Staff:

Mandatory Insurance Education Modules

UPMC Compliance – Patient Privacy

If you need additional assistance, contact the Learning and Development Team by emailing LearningSupport@upmc.edu.

Instructions for the UPMC Covid Module (optional)

  • If you wish to complete the Covid Module, it is available at the Wolfe Center: https://www.wolfflearningacademy.com
    Wolff Learning Academy > Covid-19 Education Resources > Register for Covid-19 Introduction Education at UPMC > Register for a Class
    After finishing the module, you will not get your certificate immediately. It needs to be reviewed and then the certificate of completion will post. You will need to go back into your account to retrieve the certificate.

Instructions for the Pitt Bloodborne Pathogen Module

A second Bloodborne pathogen module is required by the University. Please follow these instructions to access the training:

  • You will need to login to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
    Use your Pitt ID and password. Create an account if needed.
    Once you login, go to the Institutional Courses section
    Click on View Courses
    Then go to Learner Tools for University of Pittsburgh (upper right area).
    Click on Add A Course.
    Answer the first question (the answer is Yes) and hit Next
    Scroll down to “Other Courses Available” section, near the very bottom
    Check the box next to "Bloodborne Pathogens for Lab Workers"
    Click Next
    Now the course will display in the "Active Courses – Courses Ready to Begin" (Other course will be in the Active Course Section but you do not have to do them, just the BBP for lab workers)

    Once the tests are successfully completed:
    Go to "View Post Course Completion" options
    Select "Access Certificate"
    Print your copy