Study360 (formerly R-Track) is a multi-component, web accessible software system designed at the School of Nursing to reduce management burden, increase efficiency, and improve visibility of clinical trials.

Study360 provides a set of tools designed for daily use by clinical and project management staff.  It includes:

  • A tracking tool that records the dates and times of various protocol events for each research subject. 
  • A reminder system that scans the tracking data to provide automated study activity management.
  • Progress reports that provide instant, real-time access to the current state of the study. 
  • A data inventory component that allows tracked events to be linked to the research database in order to identify gaps in the research data. 
  • A shared appointment calendar that integrates with the reminder system to temporarily suppress reminders for scheduled tasks as well as sending e-mail notifications of upcoming appointments. 
  • An adaptive randomization tool that maintains a balance of various blocking factors across treatment groups.
  • A coding utility that provides shared, searchable, and updateable code lists to aid in the coding of open-ended items for data entry.

Study360 has been used successfully on multiple projects at the School of Nursing, and one ongoing trial that adopted Study360 mid-study reported a 70% reduction in project management time. The Study360 database is centralized with secure user access provided via a web browser and is thus well suited for both single and multi-site studies. Study360 is user configurable to support the diverse and complex protocols of multiple simultaneous trials. The software architecture is scalable to support an increasing number of concurrent users without a directly proportional increase in system load.

Any investigators interested in using Study360 can contact Blair Powell for more information.