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HUB for Excellence in eHealth Research

Emerging information and communication technologies are revolutionizing the methods used by scientists and clinicians to understand and influence everyday health. Novel sensor systems, sophisticated Internet functionalities, and wireless data transmission are enabling increasingly nuanced assessment of health behaviors and symptoms as well as more targeted biobehavioral intervention.

This burgeoning field of eHealth, which includes mHealth, or the use of mobile communication for health services and information, is making assessment and intervention possible in real time, often informed by an individual’s location, social context, and health behavior patterns.

The HUB for Excellence in eHealth Research (or “eHealth HUB”) involves School of Nursing researchers who are harnessing novel technologies to improve health care and health outcomes. To foster transdisciplinary collaboration, methodological innovation, and development of new investigators, the eHealth Hub offers important infrastructure support for technology-enabled research that is grounded in behavioral theory and guided by principles of team science and user-centered design.



Annette DeVito Dabbs, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN, Director
Young Ji Lee, PhD, MS, RN, Co- Director