The Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Nursing

The Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Nursing (CSTLN) bridges the gap between the expectation of faculty scholarship, the need for training in the scholarship of teaching and learning in nursing, and the need for research in nursing education. The CSTLN's mission is to support the nursing faculty in their scholarship of teaching and learning with an emphasis on simulation and online teaching. This gives faculty the opportunity to develop expertise in the various steps of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoLT) and collaborate to produce rigorous studies that inform innovations in nursing education.

SoTL is an inquiry process that is deliberate, systematic, and reflective. It contributes to the knowledge of how students learn and the best instructional practices that foster that learning. Frequently SoLT work begins as teaching and learning problems that are developed into research opportunities. (Huber & Hutching, 2005). SoLT is research, not Quality Improvement projects. This website is intended to support faculty who are beginning SoLT projects and have been involved in nursing education research.

Please contact Amy Bowser ( or Sonia Schmeltzer ( for further information or set up a consultation.

Director: Amy Bowser, PhD, MEd 

Annual Award and Grant Opportunities:

The Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Nursing (CSTLN) offers two grant opportunities each year.

Grant Name  Focus   Financial Award  Calls for proposals  Award period 
The Eleanor Jane Knox Educator Award  For Undergraduate Clinical Nursing Education Research  $4000 

Spring, (January- March) 

1 year beginning in the summer 

Teaching as Research Award  SoLT projects in the School of Nursing  $2500 

CSTLN Resources

Helpful Links in Developing Research Projects: 

Research vs. QI

Information to make sure your project is research and not QI.

Get started and ask a research question

Thoughts to transform your questions about teaching can become research questions.

Find a journal

Look in journals to see what is currently being published and where you can publish your research.

Complete an IRB

Step-by-step process to do an exempt IRB at the University of Pittsburgh.

Write a literature review

Begin crafting a review of literature that addresses your interests and current publishing topics.

Apply an educational theory

Ground your research in an educational theory or model.

Select an educational research design

Match your research question/ aim to the correct design allowing you to collect and analyze data that answers the question.

Use statistical resources

Ask for a consultation and view resources to understand the statistical analysis required for your question and research design.