Weiwen Wang

Assistant Professor
Acute & Tertiary Care


Previous administrative experience in China includes eight years in a dean`s office to support the dean in the design, development, and implementation of human resources, to maintain staff satisfaction, organizational efficiency, and administrative support in School of Nursing Human Resources, including budgeting support and financial management aspects.


My area of research interest involves expanding the knowledge of nursing informatics theories and clinical expertise in using health care technologies in direct patient care. I am also interested in producing or assisting in a wide range of innovative and efficient eHealth solutions.

Clinical Emphasis

I have worked in a step-down neurosurgery unit as a professional registered nurse.


Currently I am a clinical instructor at the University of Pittsburgh for traditional and second degree sophomore, junior, and senior level students. I assist in the skills lab and guest lecture in Foundations of Nursing Practice for sophomore students. I am also the primary teacher for undergraduate Nursing Informatics.


I serve as a member BSN Council and volunteer for the dean`s distinguished teaching award committee in the School of Nursing.