Rose Constantino

Associate Professor
Health & Community Systems


The area of research that I examine is health outcomes of women and girls who experience intimate partner violence (IPV) and women whose spouse committed suicide. My past research studies have shown that there is a difference in the psychological, physical, and behavioral health outcomes between women in IPV who receive intervention and women who do not receive intervention. Furthermore, in a randomized study, we compared the effects of a HELPP (Health, Education on safety and social support and Legal Participant Preferred) intervention delivered online and a HELPP intervention delivered face-to-face and found that HELPP intervention delivered online is more feasible and effective than HELPP delivered face-to-face in women in IPV. Therefore, we are exploring to harness mobile health such as text messaging intervention and HELPP Zone app as ways of delivering intervention globally to women and girls in IPV.


I started to teach public health nursing and psychiatric-mental health nursing as soon as I completed my Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree in 1962 at the Adventist University of the Philippines (formerly Philippine Union College). I then taught psychiatric mental health nursing at Spring Grove State Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and at Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh.

In 1971, I taught psychiatric mental health nursing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing after receiving my Master’s (1971) and PhD (1979) degrees. I completed my law degree in 1984 (evening program) while teaching psychiatric mental health nursing. I continued to teach undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing since 1971 up to the present.

My teaching experience relates to my psychiatric mental health nursing experience, family law practice and research studies on health outcomes of women who experience intimate partner violence (IPV) and women whose spouse committed suicide. I guest lecture on the ethical and legal issues in nursing practice and in the role of nurses, family health nursing, continuing education for nurses, lawyers and physicians in caring for women and girls in IPV. Currently, I teach several courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs: Fundamentals of Legal Nurse Consulting and Forensic Nursing; Advanced Forensic Nursing; Legal Nurse Consulting and Forensic Nursing Practicum; Forensic Psychiatric Mental Health, Correctional Nursing; and Independent Study. These are all Web-Based/Web-Supported courses, conducive to students’ learning and work scheduling needs. I have developed a Certificate Program in Forensic Nursing as a global project.


I am past member of the following committees within the School of Nursing: PhD Council, MSN Council, BSN Council, Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee, Bylaws Committee (Chair), Progression and Graduation Committee (Chair) and Evaluation & Steering Committee. Currently, I am a member of the Planning and Budget Committee, BSN, MSN, DNP and PHD Councils.

Within the University I was chair of the Athletics Committee, Secretary and Vice President (at different terms) of the University Senate, Filipino Student Association Adviser, Institutional Review Board, Co-chair of the Tenure and Academic Freedom Committee and Advisory Council for Cultural Student Organization. My community participation is diverse and numerous to mention because as a faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh and a Family Law Practitioner, I owe active community and continuing education participation to both law and nursing state licensing boards and the law and nursing professions locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.