Rose Constantino

Associate Professor
Health & Community Systems


Dr. Constantino is a mental health nurse and a lawyer. Her area of research is on HEARTS (Health, End Abuse, Resilience, Technology, and Social Support) in older adults. Earlier, her participants in research and law practice are all women experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). But before and during the pandemic, IPV survivors include young and older women and men (marginalized and abused) and the perpetrators are younger family members. For this reason, she developed a proposal “Year of Well-being: Enhancing Resilience and Healthspan through Listening Sessions with Mid- to Older Adult Community Engagement Center Participants. She aims to establish a welcoming environment for listening and acquiring a better understanding of resilience to help build the capacity of mid- to older adults to resist, adapt, recover, or grow from a challenge or trauma. The command to listen is better than speaking; for in listening, the listener learns.


Dr. Constantino teaches NUR 2820: Forensic Nursing to BSN, DNP, and Ph.D. students using her book on Forensic Nursing, as a source for expanding concepts and frameworks of forensic nursing. She has developed and taught graduate courses at several universities: Philosophy of Science and the Art of Caring, Global Paradigm Shift in Health, Interprofessional Collaborative Healthcare, Transcultural Nursing, Research Methods, and Global Nursing.


Dr. Constantino is an elected member of the Campus Utilization, Planning, and Safety (CUPS) Senate Committee. She was chair of the Athletics Committee, Secretary and Vice President (at different terms) of the University Senate, Filipino Student Association Adviser, member of the Institutional Review Board, Co-chair of the Tenure and Academic Freedom Committee, and Advisory Council for Cultural Student Organization.