Julius M. Kitutu

PhD, MSc
Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Alumni Relations and Associate Professor
Chief Diversity Officer
Acute & Tertiary Care


As an Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni Relations (SAAR), my administrative tasks, include overseeing all the prospective student recruitment, admission, enrollment, advisement, graduation, and student data management for all active students in the School of Nursing. Also, I am responsible for the School of Nursing scholarship recipient selection, and I manage the Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (URMP).

As chief diversity officer (CDO) for the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, I see it as my true responsibility to ensure that the School of Nursing is a place where together we foster the art of an inclusive community. In the school of nursing, the traits of diversity, equity and inclusion of every individual are to be appreciated and valued. 



As Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Alumni Relations, I am interested in addressing the issue of nursing career preparation and job satisfaction. At the same forging forward to make sure that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion activities are monitored and presented to the communities of interest. My specialty area is statistics, particularly modeling pooled data, cross-sectional, as well as longitudinal data. My current research focuses on the career trajectory of nursing graduates from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing and examining factors leading to student academic successes.


I teach graduate-level students in a Research Computing course that focuses on computing tools and techniques currently utilized in nursing research. In particular, the course covers principles of database management and statistical data analysis using the available software. I also guest lecture on special topics in statistical concepts and applications to graduate and undergraduate students. Additionally, I am the primary teacher for an online graduate orientation module taken by all newly admitted students.


I serve on several School of Nursing and University of Pittsburgh committees. At the University level, I am a member of the University Inclusion Network Team, Health Sciences Diversity Deans Committee, and one of the affiliated faculty members in at the Center for African Studies (CAS). At the school level, I am a member of the school’s senior Administrative Dean’s Council group, Evaluation and Steering Committee, PhD Council, and Schoolwide Curriculum Committee.