Cecelia C. Yates

Associate Professor
Health Promotion & Development


Dr. Yates research focuses on chemokine and extracellular matrix interactions in Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in the development of dermal and pulmonary fibrosis. She has a cellular and molecular laboratory fully equipped for basic and translational research located within the School of Nursing. Current members of the laboratory are investigating genomic regulation of molecules that mediates the development and progression of fibrosis. Dr. Yates is also developing small molecule therapeutics and cellular therapies to improve tissue remodeling.
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At the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Yates teaches graduate Pathophysiology and undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology labs. She participates in the SON Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (URMP). She also serves as a mentor and advisor to several pre-doctoral and undergraduate students with research interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms of tissue repair and regeneration and its pathogenesis.


Dr. Yates serves on American Journal of Pathology publication committee, American Society of Investigative Pathology, and FASEB Public Affairs working group. She also is co-chair of a national Cell Injury special interest group. Dr. Yates is a reviewer for several journals, including the top-ranked pathology journal, The American Journal of Pathology, and Wound Repair and Regeneration.