Pitt Nursing Hosted White Coat Ceremony

On August 29, the School hosted its second annual White Coat Ceremony to welcome sophomore and 2nd Degree Accelerated BSN students to the clinical phase of their education. The white lab coat is a symbol of the trust that society places in these student nurses, an emblem of their developing nursing expertise, and a sign of the critical relationship between them and their patients. The white coat is a representation of the student’s professional responsibility in the health care professions. 

Families looked on as students received their white coats for use in clinical situations as well as a commemorative pin. Students also recited the White Coat Ceremony oath, committing to providing humanistic, patient-centered care as both current students and future nurses.

The School was pleased to have Cathy Frasca (BSNED ’60) as the keynote speaker for the event. Ms. Frasca discussed remembering her own clinical experiences, the many roles and attributes of registered nurses, and the types of patient care settings students could work in upon graduation. Remarks were also offered by Salina Smialek, a senior in the BSN program. She told them of her nervousness at embarking upon clinicals, but gave sage advice on how to excel by asking questions and seeking help from experienced clinicians and preceptors. 

Congratulations to those students who participated in the Pitt Nursing White Coat Ceremony and best wishes for an amazing year of learning!