8 nurse anesthesia students receive national Foundation Scholarships

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia program is thrilled to share that 8 of its BSN to DNP students received national Foundation Scholarships at the 2023 American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) annual congress.

Congratulations to:

  • Margaret Schluter (Class of 2024)
  • Lan Pham (Class of 2024)
  • Julia Corbin (Class of 2024)
  • Elizabeth Moore (Class of 2024)
  • Meghan Levy (Class of 2024)
  • Ambria Reid (Class of 2023)
  • Sarah Walker (Class of 2024)
  • Vivian Dang (Class of 2024)

The AANA Foundation received 2,593 competitive student scholarship applications this year, and 88 scholarships were awarded totaling $263,750. Pitt Nursing students received 9% of awarded scholarships while representing less than 1% of the total national student body.