Faculty Promotions at Pitt Nursing

Please join Dean Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob and the School of Nursing in congratulating the following faculty members on their academic promotions, which is how the University recognizes the accomplishments of faculty in terms of research, teaching, and service.

photo of Dr. Heidi Scharf DonovanHeidi Scharf Donovan, PhD, was promoted to full professor.

Dr. Donovan is renowned for her work on symptom management and the development and testing of theoretically-guided psycho-educational interventions to improve outcomes for patients with cancer and their family caregivers. She teaches graduate courses in the Health & Community Systems area, as well as serving as the Vice Chair for Research for the department. She was the past Director of the Office of Community Partnerships at Pitt Nursing, promoting community engagement on the part of faculty, staff, and students to improve lives within our region.

photo of Dr. Jennifer Hagerty LinglerJennifer Hagerty Lingler, PhD, was promoted to associate professor.

Dr. Lingler’s research focuses on provider-patient communications, health behaviors, and psychosocial and ethical implications of late-life cognitive impairment. She teaches ethics courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and is a frequent guest lecturer on ethical issues in dementia care, neurological assessment, and the differential diagnosis of dementia. Dr. Lingler serves as a board member of the PA Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and is very active with the Gerontological Society of America and the Alzheimer’s Disease Centers.

photo of Dr. Michael NeftMichael Neft, DNP, CRNA, was promoted to associate professor.

Dr. Neft is the Vice Chair for Administration for the Department of Nurse Anesthesia. In addition to his teaching for the Nurse Anesthesia program, Dr. Neft has been the President of the Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists and currently serves as President of the Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International and on the Practice Committee of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. He also holds a position on the University of Pittsburgh’s Faculty Assembly.

Congratulations to these members of the Pitt Nursing faculty!