Alum Appointed to PA State Board of Nursing

Donald BucherDonald Bucher, DNP, ACNP-BC, CCRN, was recently appointed to the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing.

“It is an honor to be nominated and selected to be a part of the State Board of Nursing,” said Bucher. “The call was very unexpected. I had talked to my state senator in 2017 and he had asked if I was interested in serving on the board.  I told him I would love the opportunity but never gave it another thought.”

Bucher is a 2007 graduate of the MSN Acute Care NP program.

“I am proud of my nursing education at University of Pittsburgh,” said Bucher. “During my ACNP program the professors taught us it was not only important to learn the skills and didactic information but to also to help advance the profession by volunteering and advocating.”

He said those skills will help him with his new appointment.

“I feel like I bring a lot of different nursing experience to the board,” he said. “I graduated from Sharon Regional School of Nursing diploma program in 1998. My educational path has given me perspective on each educational level. I taught in an ADN program. I completed my BSN then MSN as an acute care nurse practitioner.  Finally, I completed my DNP in 2011. I think understanding nursing at each level helps when looking at new program development and nursing preparation.” 

Bucher will hold the Registered Nurse seat on the board. His term runs through 2028.