AANA Awards 80 Scholarships, 11 to Pitt Nursing BSN to DNP students

Out of 80 scholarships awarded by the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology Foundation, 11 went to Pitt Nursing BSN to DNP Nurse Anesthesia students.

“The University of Pittsburgh Nurse Anesthesia Program has a well-established record of performance in competing for AANA Foundation Scholarships,” said John O’Donnell, DrPH, CRNA, Professor and Chair Department of Nurse Anesthesia and Director of the Nurse Anesthesia Program at Pitt Nursing. “Our outstanding 2022 performance is due to the excellence of our students and their ability to succeed and compete for scholarships consistent with the academic rigor of our program.”

This year’s AANA Foundation Scholarship winners include Sean Williamson, Zach Lyons, Atalya Sunseri, Ion Melinte, Kristen Miskinis, Salina Torgerson, Courtney Augspurger, Sydney Rohrbaugh, Stephanie Paskal, Cassie Toribio and Marie Wong.

The AANA Foundation received 2,456 applications and awarded 80 scholarships totaling $225,000. Pitt students were awarded $33,000, with the average scholarship totaling $3,000.

“The numbers of Pitt students qualifying for scholarship awards is reflective of the quality and motivation of Pitt students,” said Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean and Distinguished Service Professor of Nursing. “We are extremely proud of them.”

Pitt Nursing’s BSN to DNP Nurse Anesthesia program is one of 128 across the country. To learn more: https://www.nursing.pitt.edu/degree-programs/doctor-nursing-practice-dnp/bsn-dnp-nurse-anesthesia-onsite