Public Transportation to Clinical Sites

One of the benefits of enrolling at Pitt Nursing is the wide variety of clinical learning opportunities. There are more than 50 health care facilities and organizations in the region and Pitt Nursing has clinical learning agreements with many of them.

Another advantage of studying here is the abundance of transportation options for those who work and learn in the many hospitals, clinics, and non-profits in the region. A Pitt student ID enables you to use any form of public transportation (run by the Port Authority of Allegheny County) at no charge.

To plan your trip to a clinical venue, you can use the Trip Planner Tool hosted by the Port Authority. If you want to map your trip from the School of Nursing, the campus is located in the Oakland neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh and the School is in Victoria Building. The closest bus stop is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Meyran Avenue.

Plug in your starting location and destination – the Trip Planner Tool will advise you on which buses to take and when. Please note that bus schedules may be updated on a quarterly basis, so check your schedule often. Some routes have limited schedules; take that into consideration when arranging for your clinical experiences.