Testimonials (Anesthesia)

A selection of program reviews from MSN students who graduated within the last two years:

" I felt extremely well-prepared and ready to practice with minimal orientation time needed at the start of my position."

" I get frequent compliments from colleagues and surgeons, who can't believe I am a new grad."

"I work in a hospital with a lot of students who never had the opportunities to obtain the clinical experiences I had. I am so thankful for my clinical rotations. I feel like I often am more prepared than my peers (thanks to both didactic and clinical)."

"The clinical component was great."

"Excellent clinical sites, diverse rotations. Knowledgeable instructors."

"The didactic portion is excellent and provides a strong base for practice. The clinical portion provides an excellent number of cases, variety, and hours so that graduates are ready to practice."

"Excellent didactic. Large variety of clinical sites. Well-planned and executed curriculum."

"Clinically and didactically we learn things other programs don't even teach."

"Very knowledgeable faculty. Excellent clinical sites and rotations."

"Didactic and clinical follow a well planned and streamlined pattern."

"Variation in clinical sites/clinical experiences; didactic pairing with clinical experiences; simulation; dedication of advisors and professors to see their students succeed. "

"Strong faculty, good clinical sites."

“Between an emergency thrombectomy, a gunshot wound to the chest requiring a clamshell thoracotomy in the trauma bay and massive transfusion protocol in the OR, a second GSW trauma case, and multiple codes during the night, it was a busy shift. That being said, it was also gratifying knowing that my Pitt Nursing education prepared me to handle each new situation with relative ease.

I don't believe I would have felt prepared to practice in such an independent capacity as a new graduate if I had gone to a school with lesser academic and clinical rigor. I share this (with thanks to you and the faculty) to hopefully encourage current students to get as much as they can from the experiences that the Nurse Anesthesia Program offers. I have seen firsthand the value of the mock trauma experience that we went through and definitely relied on that knowledge I gained during the trauma lectures."