DNP Projects (Anesthesia)

Students will complete a scholarly DNP project that reflects the synthesis and application of knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. DNP project areas will include quality improvement projects, policy analysis, clinical demonstration projects, clinical program development, and projects focused on improved improving patient care and safety. Some recently completed projects include:

Informing Nurse Anesthetists in Pennsylvania about Medicare and Medicaid Policies

Comparison of Nurse Anesthesia Student 12 Lead EKG Knowledge, Attitude and Interpretation Skill:  Traditional Instruction vs. Asynchronous Online Video Lecture.

Perioperative Glucose Monitoring and Treatment of Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery in a Community Hospital Setting

Nurse Anesthesia Education Program in Belize

To maintain a high quality of capstone projects students will be guided to topics that match faculty expertise within the department.   Current areas of faculty expertise include:

  • Epidemiology
  • Genetics
  • Global health
  • Health care policy
  • Simulation education
  • Translation of clinical guidelines into practice
  • Pain
  • Patient safety
  • Substance abuse screening and intervention
  • Patient Awareness