MSN to DNP Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Curriculum (onsite & online)

The Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (Primary Care PNP) is prepared as  a generalist principal provider of primary health care to children, birth through adolescence. In this leadership clinician role the Primary Care PNP assumes responsibility for promoting, maintaining and restoring health in children with emphasis on developmental and health assessment, and the diagnosis and management of well, acutely ill, and chronically ill children and adolescents in primary care and subspecialty settings. PNP’s participate in research and provide leadership in educating families and communities about child health and in mobilizing community resources for the health and safety of children. PNP’s work in collaboration with other health care professionals.

Applicants should be masters prepared primary care pediatric nurse practitioners who wish to add the DNP to their educational preparation. The online option is only available to applicants with a master’s degree in same focus. 

*Courses with a "D" can be delivered synchronously via distance technology. Such courses are open only to qualified on-site students as per Policy 438

A sample program plan for full time study is provided below. Depending on courses completed during the previous MSN program, additional coursework may be required.

Fall Term (Year 1)

Spring Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 2680/2680D* Introduction to Genetics and Molecular Therapeutics 3 cr.
  • NURNP 2518/2518D* Family Theory for NPs: Principles, Implications, and Application Across the Life Span 3 cr.
  • NURSP 2091/2091D* Finance and Economics for Health Care Leaders 3 cr.
  • NUR 3013/3013D* Ethics in Healthcare 1 cr. 

Summer Term (Year 1)

Fall Term (Year 2)

Spring Term (Year 2)

Summer Term (Year 2)

** must take a least one credit