Health Systems Executive Leadership Curriculum

Post-Master’s DNP HSEL Curriculum (pdf)

Fall Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 2044 Nursing Graduate Orientation Module 0 cr.
  • NURSP 2061/2061D* Organizational and Management Theory 3 cr.
  • NUR 2011/2011D* Applied Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice 3 cr.

Spring Term (Year 1)

Summer Term (Year 1)

Fall Term (Year 2)

Spring Term (Year 2)

Summer Term (Year 2)

  • NUR 2010/2010D* Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Culturally Diverse Populations 3 cr.
  • NUR 3032/3032D* Data Analysis for DNP Projects 2 cr. 

Fall Term (Year 3)

  • NURSP 3096*** Data Analytics and Clinical Systems Design 3 cr.
  • NURSP 3094 Evidence Based Management & Quality Improvement 3 cr. 

Spring Term (Year 3)

Successful completion of the DNP Comprehensive Exam is required.

**Clinical courses
*** 2 credits are clinical; 1 credit is didactic
#Students may take NUR 3050/3050D* Grant Writing offered in the summer term in lieu of this course