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ATC NUR 2009 Leadership and Healthcare Systems: Policy, Organization, and Financing Of Health Care Module

The purpose of this web-enhanced course is to equip the graduate nurse with beginning skills to influence health policy, to provide leadership in the healthcare delivery system, and to utilize basic principles of fiscal management in making high-quality cost-effective choices in the use of health care resources. The module consists of three units. The first unit explores the policy making process, the role of the advanced practice nurse or advanced generalist and the effect of public policy on healthcare delivery systems. The second unit examines the organization and delivery of healthcare with an emphasis on the continuum of health care, including acute, specialized, and community based systems. Preparation for a nursing leadership role in these integrated care systems is emphasized. The third unit presents an overview of healthcare financing as it relates to the delivery of health care services. The nurses role as the monitor of quality control, patient safety, and cost-effective care is examined in the context of clinical decision making.