Elective Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Electives 

The following undergraduate electives are commonly available.  Please check the Class Schedule for availability in a specific term. For more information, please contact either Student Affairs and Alumni Relations or your advisor at (412) 624-4547.

NUR 1061: Independent Study

An independent study is a student-initiated experience planned to permit students to pursue an area of interest in nursing with guidance of a faculty preceptor.

When enrolling for this course, you must select the number of credits you and the instructor of the course agreed on before completing the enrollment process.  

When: By Appointment
Where: By Appointment
Who: School of Nursing Students Only
Credits: 1 - 3

NUR 1131: Interprofessional Healthcare Teams

NUR 1640: Leadership in Military Nursing

NUR 1710: Applied Adult Cardiopulmonary Critical Care

NUR 1765: Risk Factors and Health

NUR 2820: Principles and Practice of Forensic Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting

NUR 2865: Fundamentals of Disaster and Mass Casualty Care