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Application Instructions

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Enter First Name, Last Name, E-mail address, Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy), Zip code (enter 00000 if no Zip code)

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Enter a personal password to access your application in the future. Passwords must contain at least 6 characters, including at least one letter and one number. The allowed characters are a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. No symbols may be used. Here are some examples of passwords that aren't allowed: 123456, allalphas, l1ke, unt!l, my_app.

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A confirmation email containing your PIN information will be automatically sent to the email address that you provided. If you want an email confirmation with your password information, you must check the box below the password. Please note, however, that as with all email, the information contained within the email message is not secure 2) [NB: Write the PIN Number down and keep in a safe place.  If you had checked the box that you want an email sent with your password, you will receive an email with the PIN number and or the password] 3) Once you have your assigned PIN number and a password, you may login in using your PIN and password. This will take you to the Application for Admission Screen.

Apply for Admission

(Complete the following sections to submit your application successfully):

Personal Information Name, Citizenship, Social Security, Gender, Birth date, Ethnicity, Marital Status, Home/Mailing Address, email address, and a Relative contact with Address, phone and email.  (Please note unless noted that information is “optional”, every question must be completed to continue to the next section).
Education Provide School Code of Institution you have attended (Look up code box provided). Provide type and date of degree.  If the school you have attended is not listed on the search page, <click> on the Look up box again, and type in “School not Found” and a school code of 999999 will appear. Select 999999 and it will populate the information needed so that you may continue to the next sectio.
Official Transcripts Electronic Transcripts: e-mail to Laurie Lapsley (
Mail (in sealed envelope) to: University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
                                           240 Victoria Bldg.
                                           3500 Victoria Street
                                           Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Other Information Select Academic Year (drop down box). Select Full time or Part time, Admit type (New), academic level (Graduate/Undergraduate/RN options or UG/Accelerated), Academic Program, (DNP, Masters, RN-Options, PhD, Post BSN/MSN certification, Accelerated, School Nurse), Academic Plan (drop down box choices based on academic program selection), Campus (drop down box), check box if you attended previous MSN program, cut & paste any Honors Awards, Publications, etc. (optional)
Employment Enter Employer Name, City, State, Position, Begin date/End date (up to 3 employers). Enter Professional Licensure #, and state/country of issuance.  Select Upload Document (click browse button to search your computer for copy of RN license).  You may want to scan a copy of your license onto your desktop for uploading.

Select Test applicable/required for selected program (Test Scores are self reported.)  Enter date you’ve taken test or plan to take. You must have official Scores sent to the School of Nursing. 
GRE School Code: 2927 Department Code for Nursing: 0610.
International Students must report TOEFL scores, and official scores sent.
If you haven’t taken test, please enter zeroes in order to complete application.
Essay/Supporting Documents Upload Essay Hint: have essay document saved on your computer (click upload button, then browse button to search your computer for essay document). Detailed essay instructions for each program are listed in the Essay/Supporting Documents section within the online application.  Upload Resume/CV. (Hint: save resume/CV on your computer (click upload button, then browse button to search your computer for resume/CV document).  Resume/CV instructions for each program are listed.  The upload of a document allows the application to read your saved document from your computer (when you <click> on the browse button, the computer will search your saved document and attach it to the form).


Additional documents (certifications, etc.) may be faxed to 412-624-2409.
Additional Information (International Graduate Students Only)
All International students must complete this section.
Dependent Information
(International Graduate Students Only)
All International students must complete this section
<Click> on Recommender’s Provider List, then click on Add button (you will need the Name, full address, phone, email address, title, Employer of Recommender). Check if you wish to waive your right to examine letter of recommendation, check if recommender will be submitting letter of recommendation online. You have the option to include a personal note to your recommender.

Downloadable Forms
You have the option of downloading Recommendation forms for Recommenders who do not wish to supply a recommendation online. (You may print these forms and mail them to your recommender. The recommender can send the completed forms to the School of Nursing.)


International students may download the International Supplemental forms, complete and mail to:
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
240 Victoria Bldg.
3500 Victoria Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Check Your Application
<Click> on Check your application. You will receive a congratulations message that your application is complete and to proceed to submission button; when it appears <click> on button. If the application is not complete a message(s) will pop up to require you to complete the necessary section(s).
Application Questions

Contact Laurie Lapsley at or 412-624-9670 / 1-888-747-0794

Technical Support

Next Steps

  1. Application Status – Ready for Submission: You will be able to view/print your application in PDF form. Review the information for accuracy, after which you will see the following statement: I have read and understand the above information and wish to submit this Application System at this time. (you will need to check the box to confirm above statement before you can click the continue button) Click the Continue button
  2. Application Fee Payment ($50.00 application fee required)
    Select Payment Method:
    • Check (mail $50 check payable to the Univeristy of Pittsburgh
    • Fee waiver (only if previous applicant within one year or current student)
    • Credit Card
      Click Pay and Continue Button
  3.  Final Step – Signature Page
    A signature page will appear and prompt you to enter your name
    Click Submit Application button

Wait until you see the words "Submission Complete"!

(The application is not submitted until you see the above statement.)