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Our Facilities

Hours of Operation

Regular Hours Break Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 9pm 

Friday: 8am - 4.30 pm

Week of April 29th - to May 3rd
8am - 5 pm

Regular hours resume on May 6th


ETI's cluster of teaching and learning environments includes the following:

Large Computer Lab

The large computer lab for the School of Nursing is located in the ETI on the second floor of Victoria Building. It houses more than thirty PC workstation and an iMAC station.

Small Computer Lab 

The small computer lab for the School of Nursing is located in the ETI on the second floor of Victoria Building, across the hall from the large computer lab.  The small lab can accommodate up to twenty PC workstations.

Study Areas

The School of Nursing Multipurpose Room (MPR) located on the second floor of Victoria Building between the ETI and Student Affairs & Alumni Relations Office, hosts classes, lectures, discussions, and other academic activities.  When not in use, it is set up to be a quiet study area for School of Nursing students only.

Clinical Skills Lab

The School of Nursing Clinical Skills Lab supports both onsite, web-supported, and distance education and consists of a cluster of teaching and learning environments. It includes hospital bedside units, exam tables, and adult and child-sized mannequins and additional equipment.

Anatomy Lab

The A & P Lab was renovated in 2005 to offer state-of-the-art experiences for students. A multimedia instructor’s bench can transmit audio and video signals to each of the individual lab benches, multiple classrooms in the building and to remote locations via distance education technologies.
Each student lab bench also houses a computer and a multi-purpose monitor. The monitors can receive input from the Internet as well any of the instructor equipment, such as computer, microscope, or cadaver camera so every student has a perfect sight-line to the instructor’s demonstration. The student’s monitor also displays the output from the Internet via the computer located at the students bench itself.


There are two self-service printers available to students


Students have access to a scanner in the ETI

Simulation Lab

The simulation center consists of both a work room and control room. The work room can be configured in multiple ways ranging from a simple exam/interview space to a full context operating suite. Multiple fully computerized mannequins, including adult, geriatric and pediatric are available for use. The audio and video feed from this room can also be distributed within the building to multiple classrooms or sent via distance educational technologies to remote sites.

*Computer labs are private for Nursing Students only.