Educational Technology and Innovation

ETI's infrastructure provides technology and instructional support services and resources to the School's faculty, staff and students. The center supports onsite, web-supported, and distance education. ETI also offers innovative teaching and learning opportunities and continual exploration of new computer-based technologies in the health field.

Help Desk and Media Support

ETI at the School of Nursing provides a Help Desk which offers media support to the students, faculty and staff involved in the programs.

Our Facilities

There are a variety of teaching and learning environments ETI provides students with on campus, including computer labs and study areas.


The Educational Technology and Innovation staff supports the School of Nursing's mission through teaching and learning tools. Come meet them.

Distance Education

ETI also provides Distance Education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. It is a formalized teaching learning system specifically designed to be carried out at remote sites using electronic communication and computer technology.