Christopher C. Imes

Assistant Professor
Acute & Tertiary Care
School of Nursing
336 Victoria Building
3500 Victoria St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

F: 412-383-7227


My research has two primary focuses. One focus is on behevioral interventions to promote a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a health diet and adequate physical activity and sleep, in young adults who are at incresed risk for developing cardiovascular disease. My other research focus is on examining how an individual`s genetic makeup influences how he or she responses to specific treatments or interventions.


During the Spring term, I will be a clinical instructor for undergraduate students at the Vetern`s Adminstration Hospital. In addition, I guest lecture in other courses taught at the School of Nursing.


I serve as a member of the BSN Council in the School of Nursing. I am a member of the American Heart Association, International Society of Nurses in Genetics, and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nurses.