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NUR 1128/1127

Community Health Nursing

This senior level course provides students with a broad introduction to community health and the role of nursing within this context. Students synthesize knowledge from nursing, and public health while exploring such areas as epidemiology, health promotion and disease prevention, and individual and family case management. This course provides a variety of clinical practice options. Students select clinical sites in the broad areas of Public Health/Public Education, Home Visiting, or School Health Programs.

General responsibilities of preceptors, faculty and students 

Responsibilities unique to the Community Health Course are:


  • Assist the student in identifying health issues present in the population served by your agency or program. The student will be developing a specific health issue in the form of course synthesis paper.
  • Assist the student in completing activities listed on the Practicum Assignment Plan. This form requires your signature and initials when activities are completed.
  • Complete the Hours Documentation Form confirming clinical time. This form requires the preceptor’s signature each clinical day.
  • Involve the students with your daily routine.
  • Mail the completed student evaluation to clinical faculty following the student's last clinical day.


  • Orient the preceptor to the course.
  • Review forms specific to NUR 1128: Practicum Hours Documentation, Practicum Assignment Plan and summative evaluation forms.


  • Be on time and prepared for patient care.
  • Dress according to Policy #91.
  • Consult the preceptor and gain approval for elements of the synthesis paper.
  • Document how time is spent in the clinical practicum.