Honors Program

University of Pittsburgh Honors College

The Honors Program is co-hosted by the School of Nursing and the University Honors College. Upon successfully completing the Honors program and a thesis, these highly-motivated students will have earned the BSN-H degree, conferred jointly by the University of Pittsburgh Honors College and the School of Nursing.  By having the BSN-H degree, which is equivalent to the B-Phil normally earned by Honors College students, Honors students in Nursing are still eligible for certification as an RN. The “H” designation denotes that the BSN student has completed a research-based thesis.

Here is a sampling of the theses produced by Honors students:

Barriers to Quality Medical Care for Mexican Immigrants in Pittsburgh

Genotypic Variations and Frequencies of OPRM1 by Race/Ethnicity Group in an Orthopedic Trauma Population

The Conflicts of Decision-Making for Localized Prostate Cancer (LPC) Treatments

An Analysis of Haptoglobin Genotypes and Recovery From Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Use of Electronic Communication Aids by Temporarily Nonvocal Patients in the ICU

Tobacco Use Among Nursing Students: Prevalence, Attitudes and Education

Risk Factors for Respiratory Depression in Postoperative Orthopedic Trauma Patients

BSN Honors students have given oral and poster presentations on their research at conferences and events across the country: Greater Pittsburgh Nursing Research Conference, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Science (University of Pittsburgh), Eastern Nursing Research Society’s Annual Scientific Sessions, Undergraduate Research at the Capitol Pennsylvania, and the ACC Meeting of the Minds. These research presentations offer BSN Honors students experience in presenting, networking opportunities with top-name researchers in the field, and publication credits.

BSN-H students receive extra attention and support to ensure that they gain the most from the program and that they successfully complete their research project, their thesis, and their course of study.

Because the diploma and transcript both carry the “BSN-H” degree, potential employers are aware of the student’s ambitious academic efforts. Students who have successfully earned the “BSN-H” degree have guaranteed admission to the School of Nursing’s graduate programs.

To be admitted to the University Honors College Program in Nursing, you must have been admitted to the BSN program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing within the last academic year. You must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher in high school or in previous college coursework.

You can learn more about the University’s Honors College. If you have questions about the jointly-conferred BSN-H degree, please contact Student Service and Alumni Relations at the School of Nursing at sao50@pitt.edu.

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