Honors Options FAQ


What are the requirements to be on the honors track?
      GPA 3.5 for Honors Thesis or Honors Scholars
      GPA 3.25 to take Honors Courses

What extra requirements are there to be in the Honors program? Extra work/curriculum?
      6 credits of Independent Study over four years (for your BSN thesis or scholarly project)


What are the benefits of Honors?
      Individualized mentoring on your research project
      Special recognition at Graduation
      Nomination to Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society
      Consideration for admission to graduate programs upon meeting requirements

How are honors classes different from regular nursing classes?
     Opportunity for in-depth research inquiry
     Interactive discussions about cutting edge science

How big (or small) are Honors classes?
      Smaller class size

What distinguishes honors and non-honors students?
      Curious and intelligent
      Stimulated by educational challenges

What advanced resources are available to students in the Honors program?
      Access to senior level faculty with active research
      Access to statistical support through the Center for Research and Evaluation

University Honors College (UHC)

Is the nursing honors program part of the UHC?
      Yes, the nursing honors program partners with the UHC
      If you chose to do the BSN thesis, the diploma is signed by both

Is being in the Honors program specific to the school or does it extend to the whole university?
      The Honors Program is specific to the School of Nursing, but the BSN-H pathway extends to the
      UHC through a partnership

Getting In

As freshmen, are we in the program, or do we have to apply once/if we get a 3.5?
      As freshman with GPA of 3.5, you will receive a letter of invitation from the Dean
      Contact the Administrative Assistant, Shawna Clites, to set-up a meeting.
      Once in the Honors Program, the student selects the topic and thesis chair
      Registers for an Independent Study with the thesis chair

Are you required to start the Honors program at a specific time?
      It is recommended to start as a freshman during your second term

Are you able to get in to the Honors Program at a later time, or does it have to be as a freshman?
      Yes, you can get in to the Honors Program as an upperclassman

Do you have to maintain a certain GPA?
      You have to maintain an acceptable GPA