Webinar with Pitt Nursing Faculty – Starting a CNL Education program and the Value it Brings to Your School

November 12, 2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Are you ready to create a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) education program at your school of nursing? Do you have questions about the CNL role and want to learn how to develop clinical partnerships? Whether you are a dean or faculty at a school of nursing, chief nursing officer or CEO at your company, this Webinar answers your questions about developing and implementing a CNL program to how CNLs can help improve patient centered care and patient satisfaction.


  • Elena Capella, EdD, Assistant Professor/Director, Online MSN Program, University of San Francisco;
  • Rosemary Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor, MSN Program Director/CNL Program Coordinator, School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh;
  • Linda Rusch, MS, CNL Resource Coach, American Association of Colleges of Nursing  

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