Life Sculpture: An Artist's Talk

April 12, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Judith Strellec Charlson (BSN’66) graduated from the Presbyterian University Hospital School of Nursing and later earned a BSN degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. In pursuit of her childhood dream, she enrolled in an art program at Carnegie Mellon University and earned a BA in fine arts from Chatham College.  By 1990, Charlson was sculpting, utilizing the knowledge of the human body she had gained through her nursing education. 

Three of her life-size bronze sculptures are installed in the lobby of the Pitt School of Nursing.  The sculptures are meant to represent the trilogy of the profession of nursing:  Caring, Angst and Solace. A three-volume artist’s book about these sculptures, Life Sculpture: A Trilogy of Nursing, was exhibited in a Florence, Italy gallery.  

Charlson works in the following mediums: glass, bronze, clay and monotype prints.

During this presentation, Charlson will share images of her work, particularly including her exhibit: Totem and Taboo, kiln glass sculptures addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional and temporal aspects of human presence. 

Her recent exhibits include the Pittsburgh Society of Artists 50th Anniversary Annual Exhibition and Society of Sculptors 80th Anniversary Annual Exhibition.

Location and Address

University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
3500 Victoria Street
Room 129
Pittsburgh, PA  15261