Health Care Genetics Minor

Genetic based medicine is routinely becoming a part of daily health care, having major impacts on patient diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The curriculum is  designed for health care workers who are seeking focused, graduate-level education in the specialty of genetics. Knowledge gained through coursework will enable healthcare workers to better care for and educate their patients.

The Minor in Health Care Genetics is available to enrolled University of Pittsburgh graduate students. Students should consult with their academic advisor. The Minor includes courses in genetics (taught through the School of Nursing) and choice of 2 courses related to the student’s career goals or interests (taught through other departments in the Schools of the Health Sciences). Learning experiences may be enriched through Clinical Genetics Case Conferences, Human Genetics Research Seminar, Human Genetics Journal Club, Genetics Grand Rounds, and a Research Practicum in a molecular genetics laboratory.

Curriculum Format

  • Full-time or Part-time (~ 3 terms)

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Minor in Health Care Genetics are prepared to accomplish the following:

  • Guide patients in their understanding of the genetic basis of disease as well as providing patient education and guidance in the areas of available genetic testing, interpretation of testing, recurrence risks, and genetic based therapies
  • Provide advocacy for patients and families with genetic conditions
  • Utilize family histories to determine disorders for which the patient is at risk
  • Utilize a variety of resources to stay up to date with advances in genetic based medicine
  • Determine when patient referral to a genetic professional is required
  • Utilize a variety of resources to provide patients and their families with support mechanisms
  • Interpret genetic research findings

Admission Criteria

  • GPA ≥ 3.0 in current graduate program

Curriculum: Minor in Health Care Genetics

  • Electives (per approval of Coordinator) 6 cr.
  • NUR 2680 Introduction to Genetics and Molecular Therapeutics 3 cr.
  • NUR 2681  Advanced Topics in Human Genetics 3 cr.
  • Total 12 cr.

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