Joint MPPM/Doctor of Nursing Practice (Health Systems Executive Leadership)

Master Of Public Policy and Management in The Graduate School of Public And International Affairs (GPSIA) And The Doctor of Nursing Practice Health Systems Executive Leadership (HSEL) In The Graduate School Of Nursing.

There is a real and increasingly urgent need for nursing professionals to have a strong understanding of nonprofit management techniques and international development strategies, particularly if they seek employment in not-for-profit hospital systems or charitable organizations that provide health care services to underdeveloped communities at home or abroad.

The University of Pittsburgh is uniquely positioned to train leaders for such positions. GSPIA is nationally renowned as a center for the study of international development, human rights, poverty, and the administration of nonprofit organizations. The School of Nursing is consistently ranked as one of the leading schools of its type in the world, and nurses seek out its graduate programs as a credential of choice to advance their careers.

The intention of this joint degree program is to enable students who are in the process of acquiring professional training as health care executive leaders to obtain simultaneously a substantial knowledge of public and nonprofit management tools and techniques that will be useful to them in their careers leading healthcare organizations.

Candidates for the joint degree program must have, at the time of admission, at least five years of full-time work experience in positions with supervisory or budgetary responsibility.

Applicants will apply separately to both schools, and they must meet all of the usual admissions requirements for both. The schools will make their admissions decisions independently. Any applicant accepted to both schools will have the option of pursuing the joint degree. Applicants may apply to both schools at the same time. Students enrolled in the MPPM program may apply to the DNP before completing their first 24 credits at GSPIA. Students enrolled in the DNP may apply to GSPIA before completing their first 24 credits at the School of Nursing. 

Students may apply to GSPIA at A complete application to the MPPM program at GSPIA consists of a personal statement, resume, two letters of recommendation, and transcripts showing prior undergraduate and graduate-level work. 

Students may apply to SON DNP HSEL at A complete application to the DNP HSEL program at the SON consists of a personal essay stating one’s philosophy of nursing, reasons for wanting to study in a particular major or concentration, expectation of the DNP program, and future career goals. This should include a proposed area of interest for the DNP project, current CV or resume, three letters of professional recommendation indicating the reviewer’s support of the student’s ability to successfully complete a demanding graduate level academic and clinical program, official transcripts showing prior undergraduate and graduate-level work, and official GRE Scores (per Admission Criteria). 

DNP Health Systems Executive Leadership/Masters of Public Policy & Management Curriculum Plan 

NOTE: Actual courses and sequencing may vary.

Fall Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 3099 The Science of Healthcare Delivery 2 cr.
  • NUR 2011 Applied Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice 3 cr
  • NUR 3012 Public Policy in Health Care 2 cr.

Spring Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 2000 Research for Evidence Based Practice 1  2 cr.
  • NUR 3013 Ethics in Healthcare 1 cr

Summer Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 3031 Methodologies for Doctor of Nursing  Projects 2 cr.
  • NUR 2010 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Culturally Diverse Populations 3 cr.

Fall Term (Year 2)

  • PIA 2020 Administration of Public Affairs (GPSIA) 3 cr. *
  • Elective  (GSPIA) 3 cr.

Spring Term (Year 2)

  • PIA 2104 Financial Management (GSPIA) 3 cr.
  • PIA 2117 Program Evaluation (GSPIA) 3 cr. 

Summer Term (Year 2)

  • PIA 2024 Economics for Public Affairs 3 cr.*
  • Elective (GSPIA) 3 cr. 

Fall Term (Year 3)

  • PIA 2896 MPPM Policy Seminar (GSPIA) 3 cr.
  • Elective - GSPIA 3 cr. 

Spring Term (Year 3)

Summer Term (Year 3)

Fall Term (Year 4)

  • NURSP 3096 Data Analytics & Clinical Systems Design 3 cr.
  • NURSP 3094 Evidence-Based Management & Quality Improvement 3 cr. 

Spring Term (Year 4)

Summer Term (Year 4)

37 Credits School of Nursing; 24 credits GSPIA= Total 61 credits for Joint Degree

*Note: PIA 2020 meet the School of Nursing requirements for NURSP 2061
            PIA 2024 meets the School of Nursing requirements for NURSP 2091