Dept Subject Number Credits Course Name
ATC NUR 0087 3 Pharmacology And Therapeutics

This course provides an introduction to pharmacology that integrates the concepts of physiology, pathophysiology, chemistry, and nursing fundamentals to build a foundation for administering drug therapy to patients. Using a simple to complex approach, key content areas are presented to help conceptualize the important components related to pharmacology. The basic concepts of pharmacology, such as drug testing and approval, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pharmacotherapeutics and toxic effects, dosage calculations, and challenges related to drug therapy, provide the foundation from which drug therapy associated with specific body systems can be addressed. Discussion of the major drug groups focuses on therapeutic actions and indications, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, contraindications and precautions, adverse effects, clinically important drug-drug interactions and nursing implications which emphasize the nursing process and focus on patient care and education. Prototypes of the major drug groups are emphasized. Lifespan considerations, evidence for best practice, patient safety, and critical thinking are integrated throughout the course.